Do I have to be home for my delivery?

No, your parcel will be left at the address supplied.  Please kindly supply Suburb too as this speeds up the delivery process.

What if I live rural?

If you live rural, the delivery time could be anything from 3 - 4 days.  Therefore if you can supply a non-rural address that is best.  The Couriers see certain areas as rural, even if it isn't really rural.  Please use the following link to check if your address is rural:  http://www.pbt.co.nz/track/ruralfind.html?S=not_set&  There is also an extra charge for rural deliveries. 

Can I get boerewors delivered to the South Island?

Yes you can, however if you live rural you might not receive it soon enough.  South Island orders are only sent by courier on a Monday in order for it to be delivered before that weekend.  South Island orders received on Mondays after 11.59am onwards will only be sent the following Monday.